Call us on: 07733 274 522
Call us on: 07733 274 522

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

Corine van Staalduinen

Corine has been providing services to children with autism and other developmental delays since 2005. She uses the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (such as motivation, positive reinforcement, and breaking skills down into smaller tasks) to promote meaningful change in children’s behaviour. She also has extensive experience providing Positive Behaviour Support services for children who engage in challenging behaviour, and providing training and support to their families.

Corine holds an M. Ed in Special Education with a concentration in autism and other developmental disabilities from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

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Patient Testimonials

“Our teenage son had been struggling for a while with low mood and anxiety. Dr Westgarth put our son at ease from the first assessment and as a family we felt that he did an excellent job in unpicking the problem. Dr Westgarth’s clear explanations and lovely manner helped our son to begin to come to terms with his difficulties. Feeling that he was understood by a professional and receiving a diagnosis of social phobia helped our son to understand that this was something he could recover from. He was very comfortable working with Dr Westgarth and we have seen big improvements in his mood and motivation. We would highly recommend Dr Westgarth’s Service.”

Parent of a teenage boy with social phobia