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Call us on: 07733 274 522

Child Psychiatry UK

Our service is unique. Just like the children and young people we meet and the complex issues they’re encountering. No two assessments are the same because no two people are the same and, whilst they’re often related, all the problems that an adolescent might encounter differ in one way or another.

The difference might be rather subtle to the untrained eye, but each case is considered upon the individual evidence. This is a core principle here. It’s the foundation upon which Child Psychiatry UK has been built and is something that, we believe, sets our service apart.

Your child has a problem. We listen. You explain. We understand. You tell us. We treat it. Our responsive service is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual. The unique person, with the unique problem. Our service is rooted in compassion, care and professionalism. The feedback received thus far, from young people and their parents alike, suggests that the blend is just right.

Mental Health is a complicated field. The emotions involved can often cloud the issues. Everyone seems to be an expert on Eating Disorders, ADHD, OCD and Depression these days (or at least, some people think they’ve got expertise). Such subjects are often in the media (and sometimes skewed or slanted). There is an obvious stigma attached.

Removing that stigma ranks amongst our most important tasks. Our patients and their parents often talk about their ‘despair, isolation and pain’. ‘Helpless’ is a word that we hear a lot. Our multi-disciplinary approach has been designed to tackle such things – with an emphasis on understanding and support. Our service has been described as a ‘turning point’ for families unable to find answers elsewhere and our team ‘approachable, attentive and encouraging’. One teenager, whose Social Phobia has long presented problems, says that we’re ‘calming and positive’. Just as in all cases, our approach here has been tailored to suit the individual, our techniques both evidence-based and effective.

Here at Child Psychiatry UK, where we have a wealth of experience, clinical expertise and professional qualifications to call upon, we don’t see the problem, we see the person. There are no pre-conceptions, no formulaic assessment, just an open and honest appraisal, in a caring, compassionate environment, that enables us to respond to the issues – whatever these might be – in the personal and professional manner that has become our trademark. No-one else approaches such things quite like us. You see, our service is unique.

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