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The Referrals Journey


Quoted in our morning newspaper last week, were figures that did not make for good reading.

60% of children and young people referred for specialist mental healthcare via a GP do not receive treatment (based upon data drawn from 32 NHS Trusts in England).

It must be said that to those with knowledge and experience in the field (parents and professionals alike) this comes as no great surprise; such is CAMHS right now . . .

That said, it doesn’t make the findings (founded upon new research by a national children’s charity) easier to accept or digest.

Not when figures show that the number of under-18s admitted to A&E as a direct result of self-harming has increased by 50% in five years.

Not when governmental plans to guarantee treatment for children experiencing anxiety/depression within four weeks have been put on hold for four years due to the current shortages of NHS staff and funding.

Not for those at the sharp end. Those who have been referred for specialist treatment. Those who need that support.

This has got us thinking about our own referrals system and how we do things here at Child Psychiatry UK. In our previous blog post, we mentioned that we have commissioned and produced a series of short films designed to showcase our services and the help and support our team offer.

Our latest video is titled The Referrals Journey.

Given all discussed in this post thus far, this seemed like the perfect time to share it.

In that post, we touched upon some common frustrations . . .

The long wait; the difficulties in finding the right person and the appropriate support; the helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness that the process often leads to; these are all things that we have taken into account when planning our own system.

To provide that support as soon as possible. To be open and clear and explain the process and how it all works. To offer opportunities to talk (and to listen) and to reach a shared understanding quickly. To outline the options and present a range of choices, to offer suggestions and to agree upon the next step(s). To arm those at the sharp end with the tools required to tackle the problem. To get things moving. To bring that frustration to an end.

We understand the issues from both sides

Those issues distressing young people and parents, but also the problems stymying talented and dedicated doctors on the frontline, whose best efforts continue to be hampered by things that are all-too-often beyond their control.

We aren’t about playing politics, but about offering an alternative; providing support and putting our skills, experience and qualifications to the best use possible. Right now.

Like to find out more about CPUK and/or the Referrals Journey?

Be sure to watch our new film and please do get in touch if there’s anything further you need.


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