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Planning ahead before results day vital

So it’s almost here and upon us.

The long-awaited (and – for some, at least – dreaded) exam results day . . .

The limbo that has coloured the summer so far is all but over.

The final reckoning, the moment of truth, the time for finding out has arrived.

This is a difficult time for all involved in the process, the adults included, but there is no doubt that the students/pupils bear the brunt.

These are YOUR hopes and dreams on the line and failing to meet expectations (be these ones self-imposed or handed down from parents, teachers and other interested parties) doesn’t bear thinking about as that daunting date, long ringed in red on the calendar, inches ever closer.

There are several things to remember, consider and bear in mind at this juncture . . .

That it’s both normal and natural to be nervous. That everyone involved is in the same boat. That no matter the results life goes on and prospects remain intact. That there’s no problem that cannot be overcome at this stage in life.

Until the results are revealed this is all theoretical and, let’s emphasise, that the outcome might be positive and those expectations met or even exceeded.

In such situations it’s natural to fear the worst, but don’t write it all off just yet . . .

That said, it is sensible to consider contingencies, to outline options and alternatives and to formulate a Plan B (and in some instances, C and D also).

Don’t wait until Results Day to start plotting a different course, for this just increases/intensifies the pressure.

Be prepared, it can make all the difference and help things to be seen rather more clearly.

Disappointing results are just that – disappointing – but the world will not end if an expected or hoped for grade is not attained this month.

Life is all about journeys and this might just mean taking a different turn on the road . . .

There are paths galore and countless ways to achieve a goal. Talk to family, friends and other adults about their experiences, their stories and their thwarted/readjusted plans . . .

Most people have them. Most people go on to thrive.

Such conversations can be reassuring and informative and emphasise the fact that – no matter the outcome – there is no wrong that cannot be put right.

Perspective is so important.

It might mean trying again, but next time can be different for we can all learn from our mistakes. Hard work, dedicated study, effective revision, such strategies often bear fruit the second time around. Perhaps it’s time for something different, something never before considered, a different turn, a new path, a future still waiting to be written.

The point is that, as important as exam results are, there’s more to life, there are always options and even if obstacles are encountered, these can and will be overcome.

Don’t avoid thinking about the disaster situation and be prepared to face it, but never forget that in such times, you are never alone and there are always caring people on hand to help.

Family, teachers, parents and professionals such as ourselves, we know how it feels and, through our own experiences, we are well-qualified to advise and assist.

The final reckoning. The moment of truth. It’s almost here and upon us.

From the team here at CPUK, we wish you well, but should it all get too much, please feel free to give us a call.

Communication is so important. Being nervous is normal, but don’t suffer in silence.

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