Call us on: 07733 274 522
Call us on: 07733 274 522

Private Child Psychologist

Private Child Psychologists are health professionals trained to work with young people experiencing difficulties with their emotional wellbeing.  Child Psychologists can help with a range of difficulties, from feeling sad and low in mood to feeling worried and anxious about things.  Child Psychologists can work either with the young person, with their parents or carers, or with the whole family, depending on what is most helpful.  Sessions usually involve talking through the history of the problem and thinking about ideas for managing things differently in the future.  They can involve developing specific skills such as relaxation techniques and new ways of thinking about difficult situations. 

Private Child Psychologists also offer cognitive assessments.  During a cognitive assessment, the young person will be asked to complete a range of tasks that measure different aspects of intelligence, such a verbal reasoning or processing speed.  The results can then be compared to what is “average” and a profile of strengths and difficulties emerges.  This can sometimes point to areas of specific difficulty that can be influencing school performance or self-esteem.”

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Child Psychiatry UK is a private practice of medical specialists who deliver high quality care to young people with mental health and emotional problems.

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“Coming to see Dr Westgarth was a very positive experience for us. He immediately established a good relationship with my son who was experiencing a number of difficulties at the time. With Dr Westgarth’s help and guidance my son is now making excellent progress both at school and at home and we’re delighted with this positive outcome.”

Parent of a 9 year old boy with behavioural difficulties