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We’re about supporting young people. Plain and simple.

Please note — this isn’t a political post. It does emanate from a politician, granted. But this is not about Parliament or parties or point scoring. 

It’s about young people, it’s about underlining issues and it’s about striving to address them.

That being the case, we’re not going to name the politician in question (or reveal his/her allegiances), choosing rather to focus on the message and our take on it.

That message, as shared on social media: ‘Just had a shocking case in advice surgery. Teenage girl waited a year for CAMHS. Then after 6 sessions she was told it was because she was 18. Then a 9 month wait for adult services. And now a 3 year wait for poss [sic] autism diagnosis. Utterly failed by system. Scandalous.’

Political loyalties aside, there can be no question here that this is neither ideal nor acceptable.

Young people’s problems worsening (in the previous post on our blog, Sleepwalking into a crisis of childhood, we wrote about ‘childhoods getting worse . . . social pressures greater than ever [and] issues intensifying’), it is far from controversial to state that the system is not operating as it should.

This is not to criticise, for it’s important to recognise that those on the frontline (professionals for whom we have the utmost respect) are working under conditions that, for one reason or another, impact upon those least equipped to deal with them (vulnerable young people and/or their families). Rather, this is to raise awareness of those issues in the hope that something can/will be done, to inform and educate those who find themselves stuck in the system and to underline that, for those who have lost hope, help is available and there are always options and alternatives.

In response to the matter in question, Dr Jon Goldin, who is, among other things, vice chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, outlined the need for a system that is ‘more coherent’, ‘less piecemeal’ and that avoids the ‘cliff edge’ that 18-year-olds too often encounter, when they’re no longer eligible for adolescent services and must face another long wait for treatment/support as an adult.

These are all things that we have taken into account at CPUK, where we understand all the issues and aim to provide a service that meets all needs and addresses all problems.

Cases such as the one outlined above are all too familiar to us here and we recognise that those who have struggled to access the appropriate support — those who have perhaps endured a long wait or been referred to the wrong person — often feel hopeless, powerless and frustrated, scared and upset as things begin to spiral out of control. 

The CPUK referrals system varies, for all cases are different, but we always strive to make things as painless as possible and to provide answers quickly.

Here at CPUK, we understand and we can help. 

Here at CPUK, we’re here to provide good options for those who most need them.

Our experienced team comprises clinicians such as therapists, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, systemic practitioners and other experts, all highly-qualified specialists — enabling us to offer an effective multi-disciplinary approach.

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Politics, parties and point scoring? It couldn’t be further from the truth.

This is about supporting young people, plain and simple.

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