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Why consult a child psychiatrist?

Why consult a child psychiatrist? It’s an important question to consider.

For you, as parents. For us, as professionals.

The answer isn’t straightforward, as the reasons for reaching out can be many.

That said, our experience and understanding means that we’re able to make the process as painless as possible.

To answer your questions. To meet your needs. To recognise the issues and provide remedies. To give the help and support that you and your child require. To listen and understand. To bring an end to the frustration and powerlessness that such situations tend to prompt.

Parents (and other adults) seeking our help are often upset and sometimes scared and, given the issues being encountered, feeling that control has been lost is common.

Children might have become angry, often losing their temper and lashing out at home or at school. Perhaps they’re anxious and uncomfortable, nervous and scared.

Social problems? Unable to make/keep friends or something more specific . . .

Could it be autism or ADHD? OCD or an eating disorder?

You might think you know what it is or you might not, but either way, we can usually help.

Trust us on this; there’s very little we haven’t seen before. For issues large and small, our experience and understanding means we’re able to craft an appropriate intervention.

This is why parents consult a child psychiatrist.

To get a professional opinion. To compare notes. To find out what we think.

To figure out the best course of action together. To start looking ahead to a brighter future.

Hope is something that we’ve written about before on our blog and, as discussed in our previous post, we’re here to solve problems, to find solutions and to fix things.

It all starts with that initial decision . . .

To bring that long wait to an end. To take back the power.

To seek help. To consult a child psychiatrist.

This is why, for together we can reach a shared understanding, recognise the issues and, most importantly, start to do something about them.

Do YOU need our help?

Find out more in our latest video.

The question is why consult a child psychiatrist?

The answer is here.

Concerned about YOUR child? Experiencing behavioural/social difficulties (or something else altogether)? Got suspicions about autism, ADHD or eating disorders? Faced a long wait for answers/assistance? Feeling frustrated?

This is why parents consult a child psychiatrist.

Please give us a call.

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