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Healing Hope

The idea that what one wants to happen, can happen.

This is hope defined. Quite literally; for this is a meaning that came direct from our office dictionary.

Hope is such an important resource for mental health.

For those who seek out our help, young people and adults alike, it is often in short supply.

Those feeling down, worried or anxious.

Those unable to find the answers.

Those who arrive at our door feeling hopeless; their focus fixed on the problem in hand rather than the solution available.

To all in such a situation, we have an important message:

Help is at hand. There is hope.

“We’re here to solve problems,” explains Dr Westgarth in our latest video, Focusing on Solutions. “To fix things . . . to get alongside families, to find solutions and to help people.”

This is something that we’re keen to underline.

That no matter how bleak things might seem right now, hope can be found.

It’s our hope that just reading this post might help those in despair to feel a little more optimistic.

It’s a first step that is small, but one that can lead to a much more hopeful destination.

To be proactive. To gather information. To seek help and to understand the support networks that are out there. Such things can all prompt a more positive mood.

Burying our head in the sand and hoping that it all just disappears can work, but more often than not, tackling problems is more effective.

This is where Dr Westgarth and the CPUK team come in.

To put training and qualifications to good use. To provide the help and the support being sought. To look past the problems and determine how best to get beyond the issues.

To offer hope.

There are innumerable barriers to seeking support, not least the stigma still attached to mental health problems, but we can’t emphasise enough that it’s helpful to be active . . .

To seek solutions. To achieve understanding. To find a fix.

That’s what we’re here for.

Just see for yourself:

Is YOUR child feeling down, worried or anxious? Struggled to find the appropriate support? Lost hope or unable to tackle the problem? Contact CPUK, we’re here to help.

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